Coco & Jack is a full service interior design studio run by husband and wife team Steve and Alyssa Terpstra. After years of talking about working together, they were finally able to take the leap and make the dream a possibility. Steve has a passion for business and manages everything behind the scenes, while Alyssa is all about the design, and can’t get enough of space planning and fabric samples.   >LEARN MORE

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October 19, 2018

Our Projects

Our Backyard Fire Pit

Over the summer, Steve and I had a list of projects we wanted to tackle in our backyard. When we bought our home, it was 75% garden, so after taking out most of the gardens and laying sod, we were finally ready to start working towards our end goal. It’s been fun working with a pretty blank slate and picturing how we would use the space with our family. One of mine and Steve’s favourite memories growing up was having campfires with our family. It was always a highlight for us, and we loved the idea of making those memories with our kids! Our property is narrow, but fairly deep, and the back corner worked the best. Steve used some… Read more »

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