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Dedicated to simplifying the design and build process

We manage everything from picking paint colours to permit drawings and construction. Whether you are building your dream home, or just need help decorating a room, we love making houses feel more like home!

Full Service Design

Our full service approach takes care of every detail from start to finish. Wether it's a full home, or just one room, we work alongside our clients to ensure each space is customized for how they will live in it. Our team of designers takes care of developing detailed drawings for the trades to work from, and source every necessary finish, fixture and piece of furniture. We work alongside architects and builders to ensure all the beautiful design elements are executed correctly, and fully style your space so it is ready for you to enjoy.


We know how challenging and time consuming it can be to find the perfect piece that fits within a room, style and budget. Our E Design service gives homeowners everything they need to bring together a beautiful and custom designed space. Once we know all the details of your project, we will work to put together a furniture plan that is functional for your lifestyle, source products that fit within your budget, and provide you with design boards and a shopping list so you can go out and purchase everything with confidence.

Construction Management

Seeing your home come together is exciting, and we like to keep it that way! We understand how overwhelming and stressful the construction side of things can get, and our goal is to simplify this process and make it an enjoyable one. Our project manager will establish a scope of work to fit within your budget and timeline, and take care of coordinating each trade. The seamless communication between our designers and trades ensures the project runs smoothly and each detail of the design is completed correctly.

What Clients Say

Coco & Jack is outstanding. I've used them at my home and my office. They exceeded expectations in both instances. I constantly get questions about the pieces in our home and at work and I always tell them our designers sourced it all!


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