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An elevated interior design studio with a focus on comfortable interiors and a thoughtful approach to timeless details.

From just one room to a full new build, the Coco & Jack team specializes in designing beautiful and timeless homes. Each project is custom designed, for you and your lifestyle, to feel effortless and inviting. Every detail is thoughtfully considered by our design studio, and communicated to the trades every step of the way. We strive to simplify the design-build process for you so you can enjoy your finished space. 


Meet Steve & Alyssa

Steve and Alyssa Terpstra are the founders of Coco & Jack. Together they streamline the design and build process. They are passionate about crafting beautiful homes that reflect the aesthetic and lifestyle of their clients. 

After finishing the interior design program at Sheridan College, Alyssa worked briefly in the industry before starting out on her own in 2011. Her focus was on commercial projects including restaurants and office buildings. It wasn't until after having a family of her own that she fell in love with the idea of designing homes. 


Steve is a welder by trade, and in 2014 had opened up a welding and manufacturing shop. He worked both in the shop and onsite installing and managing projects. Although it's what he knew well, he decided to give it up and join Alyssa. In 2016 they started Coco & Jack, with Steve taking on project management. 

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