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  • Alyssa Wieske

Butter Rd Project – Part 2

This project has been so long in the making, I could hardly remember how dark and beige the before was! The client had always struggled with balancing the space. When they furnished the room around 10 years before, they had this custom bookshelf installed on the one side of the fireplace. However, because it was so dark it really made that corner of the room very heavy. The beige on beige also left the room feeling flat. With a bit of convincing, we were able to get them to not only refinish the bookshelf, but also move it to the adjacent family room. This allowed us a really great base to work with, and made balancing the offset fireplace much easier!


Normally people want to remove walls to make a space feel larger. For this space however, the clients found themselves not using the room because it feel too large. To solve this dilemma, we had a wall put in with these custom arched pocket doors and mouldings. We seriously love how it turned out!

All the walls, trim and windows were painted white to give a fresh and bright base. We also had this beautiful brass chandelier installed to make the space feel more cozy. We kept the furniture light and added a mix of really pretty patterns and colours to give interest. The Fiddle Leaf trees also help to give the room more height and warmth.


To make the fireplace look less off centre, we hung two pieces of art work on either side to draw your eye in.



This peacock table adds so much character!

Because we wanted the space to feel more intimate, we had quite a bit of extra space along the outside walls. To fill this little window nook, we had this custom bench made in a really pretty pattern.


Images: Cameron St

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