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  • Alyssa Wieske

DIY Wall Art

I’ve received so many questions and comments about this DIY I did for our past home, the Murray Project, and have finally put together a tutorial along with sources for some other wallcoverings that we love!

1. Purchase a wood canvas from your local art store. Once you know the dimensions, order a wallpaper that you love and compliments your home.

We went with a 4′ x 8′ wood canvas, and a floral wallpaper by Ellie Cahsman

2. Prime and paint your wood canvas so it is the same colour as the background on your wallpaper. This will make the seams less visible. Start applying the wallpaper on one side of the canvas, and Use a level to make sure the first piece is straight.

3. Leave a 2-3 inch overhang of wallpaper on the top and bottom of the canvas.

4. Once you’ve applied all the wallpaper, run an xacto knife along the top and bottom of the canvas to trim the edges.

Yup! Thats really how easy it is. Below are images for the step by steps and some other beautiful wallpaper patterns that we can’t get enough of!


Wallpaper Sources:

a | b | c | d



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