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  • Alyssa Wieske

Metrie’s Complete Pre-Painted Shiplap in Our Home

Since moving into our home just under 2 years ago, we have been tackling it one room at a time to add in more character with hardwood floors, millwork and larger mouldings. Over the last year, we have included Metrie’s Complete Pre-Painted Shiplap in our formal living room and basement to make both spaces feel more custom, and it’s one of my favourite details!

In our living room, it adds just a bit more interest and texture to the minimal bookshelves, and I love how it gives a more layered look. The shiplap comes pre-painted so you don’t have to worry about dry time. Just measure cut and install. This means no painting equipment is required, and will also allow you to completely transform a room in one day! (You can see the full shopping guide here to see exactly what you will need for the installation!)

In our basement, we were working with a really unexciting space that had low ceilings. We installed the shiplap vertically to make the room feel taller, and also make the space feel more interesting. Since it is a playroom, we had to be minimal with the styling, but I love how much depth the shiplap adds and how it makes each nook feel special!

Installing the shiplap vertically also allowed us to include two hidden doors on either side of the bench for each of the kids toy closets. This was such a fun feature to include!

I love how many different ways you can include shiplap in interiors. As we work through the rest of the rooms in our home, we are planning to also install shiplap on our foyer ceiling, and as a feature wall in the kids bathroom. Both spaces currently feel a little basic, so I am excited to add in some more detail! If you are anything like me, and looking to make your home feel more custom, Metrie Complete Shiplap will help you transform a room in a just one Saturday. To find out more about the installation and for a full list of retailers in your area, you can head over to the Metrie Complete Pre-Painted Shiplap page!



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