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  • Alyssa Wieske

Murray Project Living and Kitchen Tour

I am so excited to finally be able to share my home tour, the Murray project! Being my own home, this project was obviously very near and dear to me. We moved into the 12oo sq ft condo in downtown Hamilton just under 3 years ago. Our unit was situated in a new glass level on an old historic building with a panoramic view of the bay. Living as a family of 4 in a condo can be tight, so I really wanted to maximize every square inch while, not making it feel cluttered.

The open living space is shaped like a T, creating two nooks. These worked perfectly as a “play room” and “office” with a seating area in between taking full advantage of the view. I also introduced area rugs in the open plan to better define the separate spaces.


I loved the floor to ceiling windows, and wanted to block them as little as possible! I did add some curtains to add textures and soften the space.


This wall art was a DIY which I will be sharing soon on the blog!


The floating TV console was great for extra storage!


I wanted the kitchen to feel modern, minimal and elegant, so I went with white doors, black handles and marble counters. I love the contrast of style and eclectic feel the vintage silver trays give!


The cupboard space in the kitchen was limited, so this wall rail was a great option for storing some large pans. I also love the warmth the greenery adds to the mostly white and black room.


This cabinet in the dining gave tons of additional storage for wrapping paper, toys and office supplies!


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