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  • Alyssa Wieske

One Room Challenge – Room Reveal!

I am so so excited to finally be sharing the full room reveal with you guys today!!!! It feels like so long ago that I started dreaming up ideas on how I planned to redo our once bland living room, and am glad I took all those before pictures to remember exactly what it looked like!

Remember that door that made the room so hard to layout, and all that beige?!! I wasn’t sad to see either of them gone!

And here is the finished product!!

It really hardly looks like the same room! The only thing that is from the existing room is that vintage vent cover!

I love the depth that the Metrie wall mouldings add to the room! We went with the 7 1/4″ primed poplar contemporary baseboard from Metrie, and built it out with their 7 1/4″ flat stock mdf behind it. This allowed the wall mouldings to run seamlessly into it. We did the same thing with the window and door casings with Metrie’s 3 1/2″ step casing and 3 1/2″ flat stock mdf. The trim feels nice and bulky and really adds so much interest to the room!

For the walls, top of the baseboard and along the ceiling, we went with Metrie’s 3 1/2″ flat stock mdf and finished it off with a 1/2″ panel mould. I really love the detail this piece adds, especially since we went with a fairly simple design for the wall mouldings. We painted everything All White by Farrow and Ball in the Estate Eggshell which gives it a really soft and seamless look.

I’ve been dying to use vertical shiplap in a room in my house for a while now. Although I love the look of an all shiplapped room, I didn’t feel it would fit with the rest of my house so I opted to go with it just in the back of the builtins. We went with Metrie’s pre painted 5 1/2″ face shiplap and laid it vertically. This was such a great product! I love how it adds a bit of a casual feel to the room!

When I was initially designing the room and planning out the space, one thing that I kept coming back to was making it a room that was casual and comfortable. After hours of pinning I knew I wanted it to be mainly light tones with some natural wood and black details. For both the sofa and armchairs, I went with pieces from Article. I fell in love with the casual look of the Burrard lounge chair, and the colour and thin lines of the Triplo sofa. The simplistic design of both pieces worked really well with the other details in the space without making the room feel too fussy.

I had such a hard time finalizing what to go with for the coffee table and side table! Since the room is pretty narrow a lot of coffee tables that I loved wouldn’t fit in the space. After hours and hours of searching I was so excited to find two from the Mine! I loved that the Dinora Wood Coffee Table was a light wood and had a lower shelf that could be styled, and that the Drifwood End Table looked like more of a vintage farmhouse piece to give the room a more collected look!

I love the look of layered rugs in interiors and knew it would be the perfect addition in the space to get that cozy and casual feel! Ever since I first stumbled on Dash and Alberts line of rugs, I’ve been in love with how pretty yet effortless they are, and knew it would be perfect to achieve the layered look! For the base, I chose the Wicker Sand Woven Sisal Rug by Dash and Albert from Annie Selke and layered a warm beige vintage style rug on top. Dash and Albert offers so many different patterns and colours of sisal rugs that I debated going with, but ended up sticking with the lightest colour and simplest pattern. I am in love with the pretty texture that the sisal rug adds to the room, and that it makes the traditional style rug feel more updated!

In the room, I really wanted to mix patterns and textures with the use of throw pillows and blankets. I love that it makes the room feel less formal. I went with mainly warm tones and chose different patterns and colours for each piece from Pine Cone Hill and Pom Pom at Home. I know I will sit in this room first thing in the morning and last thing at night, and wanted to have blankets that would make the space cozy. I chose the Harbor Stripe Throw and Windsor Ivory Fringed Fleece Throw and know these will be used daily! For the throw pillows, I used a mix of the Alanya Linen Decorative Pillow (which is reversible!!), Iman Hand Woven Pillow, Montauk Pillow, and the Newport Pillow. I also got the Baya set of 3 woven baskets, and love the texture that they add to the coffee table and shelving!

The tricky thing when ordering online, is you are going off an image. Sometimes products are not exactly what you were expecting, and they are so much BETTER then what you were imagining. I was so excited to get the pillows from Pom Pom at Home, and when I opened the box I had that feeling! Their textiles are even more beautiful in person, if you can believe it! I can’t get over how soft and organic the fabric is! I really love the subtle texture they add to the room!

For lighting and accents in the room, Bellacor was a really great source. They had so many great brands and I had way too much fun scrolling through all the products. I ended up purchasing both the floor lamp (Robert Abbey – and table lamp (Currey & Co – from there as well as the large round wall mirror (Feiss – and a bunch of the accents that I used to style the bookshelves with:

I love that the mirror and lamps have a bit more of a polished look compared to the accents which could almost pass as vintage pieces that were collected over time!

One thing that was really important to me was making the space feel like it was a collection of different styles, and I love how the artwork from Jenny’s Print Shop helped me accomplish this! Her prints are so so beautiful, and have such a great variety. I kept the image above the sofa really simple and black and white, and then used a mix of painted prints, and photographs to decorate the bookshelves and opposite wall. I love how they add to the layered look in the room and add some subtle texture and colour!

The drapes are custom from Q Design, and I cannot express enough just how beautiful they are! I went with their Grace Linen that has a really minimal texture, and love it paired with their chunky black rod! It totally transformed the window wall!

I was so excited to be able to work with Jill Rosenwald Studio for a handmade pottery piece in a custom colour. The bowl is so so pretty, and I love how the warm beige works with the rest of the room. I can’t get over all the detail!

I am beyond happy with how the design came together, and am excited to be able to enjoy the room as a family! A huge thank you to Linda from Calling it Home for organizing this challenge, and also to House Beautiful and all the amazing sponsors who made it possible! I truly enjoyed the experience and would participate again in a heartbeat!

Thank you also to Cameron St. for working with our super tight timeline and getting all the photos done in time!

And a reminder to check out all the other great room reveals! There are some really really good ones that you won’t want to miss!

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