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  • Alyssa Wieske

One Room Challenge – Week 2

We are already into the second week of this One Room Challenge (if you missed the first week, you can read it here!) and I’m feeling really good about the progress we’ve made. I keep thinking we are moving so quickly and will be done early, but knowing us, it will probably be down to the wire!

– t h e   p l a n –

This week I’m so excited to share our layout plans for the space! I love how the kids ideas play into the design, and am so excited to see them come together.

– t h i s   w e e k s   p r o g r e s s –

Steve wasted no time getting started. To prep the space for vertical shiplap, all the drywall needed to be removed, and the walls needed to be blocked.

With the drywall removed, we also decided to re-insulate the exterior walls which has made the space so much warmer! (As you can see in the photo below, Jack is always so excited to help out!)

I love how the little nook under the stairs is coming together!

Coco was so excited to see her toy closet go up!

Steve also installed dimple board with plywood subfloor to keep the basement floor warm and dry. We are working with low ceilings, so I was a little nervous to loose that additional head room, but am so glad Steve convinced me. The floor is SO much warmer!

We picked up the Complete Pre-Painted Shiplap from Metrie this week, and Steve put a couple boards up for me to see how it would look. I love it laid in the vertical pattern, and how it makes the space feel taller!

– t h i s   w e e k s  t o   d o   l i s t –

Before the shiplap can all be installed, there’s a couple things we need to tackle this week:

– Finish drywalling

– Build out window frames

– Install new door and jams

I’m really hoping we can get through all this not so exciting stuff and back to installing shiplap soon 🙂

Next week I’ll be sharing the building finishes we’ve selected for the space, and what decision I’ve been really really nervous about!

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