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  • Alyssa Wieske

One Room Challenge – Week 3

And just like that, we are halfway through this challenge! I always get a bit nervous around this time when I start to think about all the little things we still have to get to. (We started writing a list this week, and it was endless!) But Steve reassured me we would get it done in time. Usually I’m the more optimistic one, so hearing that was enough for me!

– t h e   f i n i s h e s –

This week I’m so excited to share all the finishes we’ve selected for the room with you guys! Over the last couple weeks I’ve been running ideas through my head of what would work best for the space. It’s always a bit nerve wracking when you need to finalize everything in such a short period of time, but I’m really loving how it is all coming together!

The starting point for the design was this Savanna Scenes Antelope wall to wall carpet from Karastan. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love with the playful pattern and thought it would be perfect for our kids space! About a week after making the decision I really started second guessing it, and how the rest of the design would work with it. (I never normally choose animal prints, and may have lost some sleep over this decision, ha!) I was so tempted to switch it out for a nice plain cream carpet that I could layer different patterns on. I was really torn, so I presented the two options to my ‘client’ and she was all for the animal print. She loved that it looked like a deer, and I couldn’t argue with that. I’m so excited for them both to see it in the space!

All the walls will be finished in Metrie’s Complete Pre-Painted Shiplap. Steve’s already started installing it over the last couple of weeks, and I’m loving how its turning out! We are working with really low ceilings, and laying it in a vertical pattern really makes them feel so much higher! We’ll be casing the windows and doors in Metrie’s 3-1/2″ flat stock, and using a 7-1/4″ flat stock for the baseboards. All the walls will be painted Strong White by Farrow and Ball, and the toy closets and bench will be in their Off-Black. I can’t wait to see all of this installed and painted! It already looks so much better.

If you’ve been following this challenge from the beginning, you might have seen that I’ve been planning to personalize the inside of each of the hidden toy closets. I asked the kids what colour they would like. Coco asked for pink and Jack asked for blue. (Super original 😉 ) I’ve loved Farrow and Balls Hornbeam wallpaper for a while, and was so excited to see that it came in the right colours. I showed it to the kids, and they were both on board with out any convincing. I’m really excited to see these ‘hidden’ patterns in the room!

We have a door that leads into our furnace and storage room. Its just over 5 and a half feet tall so we’ve decided to go with two Very Square Solid Oak Doors from Metie and cut them down to size. (I love the warm wood tone that it will add to the space!) We are going to pair them with some really great black knobs and surface bolts from Emtek!

– t h i s   w e e k s   p r o g r e s s –

This week, Steve got a good amount of the shiplap installed, and a couple coats of drywall done (with a bit of help 🙂

I’m loving how the little nook under the stairs is coming together! Can’t wait to show you what I have planned for this space!

– t h i s   w e e k s  t o   d o   l i s t –

We’ve got so much left to do, but are feeling really ambitious this week. Here’s what we are hoping to get done:

– Finish installing the shiplap

– Install all the trim

– Prime and paint the ceiling

– Paint the baseboards to prep for carpet installation

I really want to keep adding to that list, but I don’t think that would be realistic!

Next weeks post will have some of the accents that we have planned for the space, including lighting and some artwork that I can’t wait to hang!

Also, just a reminder to check in with all the other room makeovers. Theres so many great rooms taking shape!

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