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  • Alyssa Wieske

One Room Challenge – Week 4

We are now into our 4th week of the One Room Challenge, and just have two weeks left to finish our basement playroom, (yikes!) If your new, you can read all about the design inspiration, and see the before photos here, see our plans for the space here, and see all the finishes for the space here!

– s o m e   o f  t h e   f u r n i s h i n g s –

I was so excited to see that Gray Malin was a sponsor for this challenge. I loved how fun all of the animal prints where, and knew they would be perfect for the space (my kids fell in love with them too!) They ship prints to Canada, but since I wanted to get it framed, I had it shipped to our US address, and will pick it up from there. There were so many beautiful images to choose from, but I ended up going with their Hide and Seek photograph. The colour scheme was perfect for in our space, and I loved the deep greens mixed with the black and white. I can’t wait to see it in person, and hang it up!

We are going to pair it with this battery operated picture light in black. Steve was happy he didn’t have to change any wiring for this one 😉

We also sourced this shaded floor lamp from Bellacor. I love how minimalistic it is!

I’m planning to do at least one gallery wall, but it might grow into more 😉 I’m so excited to include

this print by Angela Chrusciaki. Here is the other print I was debating between. It’s so minimalistic, but so pretty! I might just find a spot for it somewhere else in my house!

We are including two wall sconces in the reading nook, and I’m pretty excited about these Huxley wall scones from Craftmade for the space! I fell in love with the brass and leather combination, and the beautiful stitch detailing. They are also super solid, and look so high end. I can’t wait to see them installed!

I always love including vintage pieces in a space, and loved the idea of layering some rugs in the open play area. After searching through hundreds and hundreds of vintage rugs on eSaleRugs, I found the perfect one! It has a really subtle pattern and muted tones that will play well with the Antelope carpet and add some really pretty texture to the room! I also have to pick this piece up from our US address, but will share it with you when I do!

– t h i s   w e e k s   p r o g r e s s –

In last weeks blog post, I had shared that we hoped to have all the shiplap and trim installed, and the ceiling and baseboards painted so we could be ready to install the carpet. This past week, while Steve was installing the shiplap on the post by the stairs, he noticed that it was not a supporting post, and it could be removed which would really open up the space. However, all of the electrical for the light switches ran there, which meant a lot of extra work rewiring. We ended up going for it, and although it set us quite a bit behind, I’m so glad with the outcome. The space isn’t huge, so to remove it was a huge improvement!

It’s hard to really see in the photos, but its really so much better!

Steve has been working late nights to try to catchup up with our timeline. About 90% of the shiplap is installed, and he framed out the two windows.

I love how the nook is coming together! And thats where the two brass wall sconces will go!

We opened up this wall to make room for the new doors. Its finally feeling like we are in the home stretch!

– t h i s   w e e k s  t o   d o   l i s t –

We are going to have catch up a bit this week!

– Install oak doors and hardware

– Build and install hidden shiplap doors

– Install last bit of shiplap

– Install baseboard

– Paint ceiling

– Start painting shiplap and trim

Fingers crossed we stay on schedule this week!

Also, for more design inspiration, follow along with all the other transformations!

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