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  • Alyssa Wieske

One Room Challenge – Week Five

You guys, the end finally feels like it’s in sight! We made so much progress this past week, and I am so so excited with how things are coming together.

The builtins were installed on Friday, and I’ve been so tempted to start styling them. We ended up going with solid White Oak for the front of the shelves and frame, and went with White Oak plywood for the sides and shelves to save some cost. I was a bit worried you would be able to see we used two different products, but you can’t at all! I really love how simple they are, and how the white shiplap back gives it a casual feel.

Now that the builtins are in, Steve was able to install the wall mouldings from Metrie. One of the decisions we had to make was how to centre the 3 panels on the walls. When we set up the furniture, it will be centred on the window, however the window is not centred on the wall. So to centre the wall mouldings behind the sofa, the panel on the left hand side would be 8″ larger then the middle and right hand panels. If we divided the walls into 3 even panels it would then not be centred behind the sofa. Since that would be much more noticeable, we ended up going with the first option, and it turned out really great! To add a bit more detail, we paired a 1/2″ trim with the 3-1/2″ flat stock. If you are considering wall paneling in your home, I would really suggest going this route as it really took it to the next level! We also built the baseboard and casings out with flat stock behind them so that they would stand out more then the wall paneling, and I love how it gives more depth to the room!

On Monday the fireplace was installed, and I was doing a happy dance! I am so looking forward to cozying up in this room this winter!

You can follow more of the progress on Instagram! And a little reminder to check out all of the other great room transformations!

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