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  • Alyssa Wieske

One Room Challenge – Week Six

As much as I dread deadlines, I also really love them. Knowing that this room would be completely done by mid November has been the best feeling, and made the late nights so worth it!

This past week has been such a good one! Once the fireplace was installed, Steve was able to finish the construction and build the fireplace mantle. I was really hoping to make it out of concrete, but after looking into it more we decided it was too complicated for us to tackle, so we opted to build it out of wood. I drew up the design, and Steve built it in an afternoon and then the room was finally ready for paint! I really underestimated how much longer it would take to paint the room with all the mouldings. Even though everything was the same finish, filling all the nail holes and sanding took hours and hours and hours! Looking back I’m so glad we took the time to do it properly though, it made for a really great finish! Heres some close ups of the trim we used from Metrie in the room:

We went with the 7 1/4″ primed poplar contemporary baseboard from Metrie, and built it out with their 7 1/4″ flat stock mdf behind it. This allowed the wall mouldings to run seamlessly into it. We did the same thing with the window and door casings with Metries 3 1/2″ step casing and 3 1/2″ flat stock mdf. I really love how it came together! Steve thought I was crazy for wanting to build it out, but keeps commenting on how good it looks.

For the walls, top of the baseboard and along the ceiling, we went with the 3 1/2″ flat stock mdf and finished it off with a 1/2″ panel mould. I really love the detail this piece adds! We painted everything All White by Farrow and Ball for a really seamless look.

And for the back of the built ins, we used the pre painted 5 1/2″ face shiplap and laid it vertically. I love how it turned out!

The room is all cleaned out, and we’ve started to set everything up!

A bunch of the items I ordered are from Bellacor including that brass floor lamp ( I fell in love with the shape of the shade and simplistic base and am excited to layer it in the room! The round wall mirror ( is also from Bellacor, and has really pretty bevelled edges and an extra deep black metal frame so it sits almost 3 inches off the wall. I can’t get over how good it looks over the fireplace!

This week I’ll finish styling the space and get it all ready for photos! So excited to share the completed room with you guys next week!

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