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  • Alyssa Wieske

One Room Challenge – Week Three

And just like that we are halfway into this challenge! As much as I would love some extra time to finish, the room, I seriously can’t wait to see it finished and have already pictured my garland on the mantel for Christmas. I’ve ordered pretty much all of the products, and Steve has been killing it with the room reno! Heres everything that we’ve finished up to date:

Removed flooring

Centred main doorway

Removed second doorway

Installed hardwood

Sanded and stained flooring

Built out wall for fireplace (Steve is completing this as I’m typing 😉 )

Mudded and taped drywall

Ordered furniture and decor

And here is our list of what we still need to finish:

Finish mudding and taping the drywall

Install fireplace

Build the white oak builtins

Install the wall mouldings

Prime and paint

Source and purchase room accents

Furniture install and styling (Yay!)

Photography for final room reveal!!!

(That list looks so much shorter then what it feels like!)

I love the character of old homes, and when we decided to purchase this home last year one of the things I wanted to do was add more detail. The house has really good bones but was just lacking interest. Since this room will be our formal living room, I wanted to do something elegant. Here’s the design I came up with for the walls and builtins:

I was so tempted to do vertical shiplap on all the walls, but sadly decided it didn’t really work with the style of my house (I guess I’ll have to save that for when I one day move to the country!) Instead I went with a more traditional wall moulding, and kept it minimal for a bit of a modern look. (I did manage to include a tiny bit of vertical shiplap behind the builtins though!) All the walls, mouldings, trim and shiplap will be painted All White by Farrow and Ball, and the builtins will be stained white oak. One small problem we ran into was how to do the wall mouldings. I originally wanted to cover the walls with thin sheets of mdf and cover the seams with the mouldings. However, we could only get sheets that were 4 feet by 8 feet. Since the opening between the mouldings is almost 5 feet we would of had so many seams to patch. So, we opted to do the trim directly ontop of the drywall. I want it to look really seamless, and have to be honest, I am little nervous with how much we’ve had to patch, but my fingers are crossed that you won’t be able to see it once its all painted.

For the fireplace surround, I’ve talked Steve and my Opa into making it out of concrete. I think it will be pretty simple with just enough of a ledge for a garland. I do have a plan B though incase we can’t make it work.

This next week will hopefully be filled with wall mouldings and paint!

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