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  • Alyssa Wieske

Our Backyard – the Inspiration

Since moving into our house just under 3 years ago, we’ve spent every summer working on updating it and getting it a little closer to what I’ve dreamt up. (If you’ve missed them, you can take a look at our Garden Shed reveal here, and our Fire Pit DIY here!) This summer we have a couple more summer projects on our list, with the first one being our patio.

The first summer we were in our home, I watched our backyard to see what spot got the most afternoon shade. I loved the idea of having a patio we could sit on and enjoy the morning sun, but then not be too hot after lunch. Over that first year I had also been saving images that I had come across. So many of the ones I was drawn to had open structures. They seemed to make a space feel so much more intentional, and cozy while not being closed off from the rest of the yard. I also loved the potential to grow vines up it, or hang lighting from it!

We were actually able to start this project at the end of last summer, so there’s not a whole lot of work that we need to finish before we can start enjoying the space. Here’s a look at how it currently looks.

Steve is a welder by trade, and from time to time he will spend a day in his dad’s shop building out pieces for our house. Just about everything I’ve dreamt and sketched up for him he’s been able to build out for our home. I’m always surprised with what he brings back with him from the shop after a day of welding. And how he is able to interpret my messy notes into what I had pictured in my head! I’m pretty sure this pavilion is going to be my favourite part of our backyard! I can already see it covered if flowering vines.

Over the past three years, I’ve been adding to my inspirational images for this space, and love the direction its gone in since my initial thoughts.

designer meadow

I used to picture our yard with box hedges and white flowering bushes, but I can’t get over how beautiful lavender and ornamental grasses are together. I really love the casual and organic feel they have.

Silver Lace Vine in Pea Stone Garden | Photo by Laura Bailey on flickr

The growing vines in this image are so beautiful!

#repost @kellynuttdesign Loving everything about this welcoming entryway. Builder: RDM Architect: @forest_studio Interior Design: @kellynuttdesign •••••#newportbeach #generalcontractor #architecture #interiordesign #entry #landscape #frontdoor #instagood #beautiful #designlife #picoftheday #california

Forest Studio Kelly Nutt Design

I love the use of large concrete pavers and black metal structure. In the past we’ve used black mulch in our garden beds, however after seeing this image I think I’m all for doing a natural coloured cedar mulch. It adds such a pretty wood tone!

Afficher l'image d'origine

For the base of the patio, we are doing a poured concrete, which is planned for this weekend. I can’t wait to see how it cleans up the space! We’ve also started ordering some of the patio furniture, and I am planning a blog post to share with you guys once its all finalized.

I’m already looking forward to spending summer days in this space!



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