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  • Alyssa Wieske

Our Bedroom ORC – Week 1

We are soooo excited to be back tackling another room in our home for this Spring’s One Room Challenge, and cannot thank Linda enough for inviting us! In case you are new here, we are a husband and wife team, and run an interior design-build studio and online shop.  This is our 5th time participating, and 3rd time as a featured designer. (You can see all our past makeovers here: living room, playroom, girl’s bedroom and boy’s bedroom, and follow along with us on Instagram where we’ve already shared some sneak peeks of our room!) The ORC is honestly the only way we seem to be able to get a full room done from start to finish in our own home. We work better under pressure, which makes the tight timeline a positive for us, and I love documenting each room’s makeover with all the details!


As you would have gathered from the title, we have chosen our master bedroom for this round!!! It’s a room that I have been planning to tackle since we moved into our home just over 3 years ago, but there always seemed to be a room that was higher priority. Before starting the ORC, we hadn’t made any changes to the space. All the furniture had come with us from our previous home, and the paint and curtains were existing from the old home owners. To be honest, the room was fairly functional, (which is why it has been pushed off so many times!) The closets were decent, and fit a good amount of storage. I will say that some of it WAS a bit hard to access, so I always found myself forgetting what clothes I owned. Haha! The actual room was a good size, but was a bit of an awkward footprint so it was hard to use the space efficiently. And then there was the ensuite bathroom, which was definitely on the smaller size, but overall functional for just the two of us. Spending three years in the space before changing anything gave me more than enough time to dream up new concepts and put together our wishlist.


1. Functional closet space

2. Sitting area

3. Fix the uneven ceiling slants

4. Remove the ceiling fan, and replace with pot lights

5. Continue hardwood floors from the rest of the second floor

6. Add architectural details and / or mouldings

7. Upgrade trim and doors

8. Paint the room so it feels brighter

9. New window treatments

10. Update all the furniture with pieces that feel collected

11. Larger vanity in the bathroom

12. Replace tile floor in the bathroom (Even though it was a new marble floor, the polished finish made it super slippery when wet, and the kids had wiped out more than once on it!)

13. Upgrade shower tiles and fixtures


After running through all kinds of different concepts, it was actually Steve who suggested doing a walk in closet. Even though it would make the bedroom quite a bit smaller, it was still more than enough space, and I loved the idea of his and hers closets. (We have some semi-custom cabinets planned for them with stained oak fronts, and I’m planning on sharing the full DIY in one of the 8 week posts!) By moving the closet wall out, the room layout made so much more sense, and had much better flow. I loved the small seating nook it created under the window that was separate from the rest of the room. It also gave me the chance to add in an arched doorway, which I’ve been dreaming of incorporating in our home for the last year.

For the ensuite, we didn’t want to make too many changes besides cosmetic ones. Being able to fit in a larger vanity was a huge plus, and expanding the shower by 4″ seemed small, but would make all the difference! Since this space is on the smaller side, I wanted to choose finishes and fixtures that would be beautiful, and give the room a whole lot of interest. As you can see from the plan, we have some herringbone tile planned for the floor, (I may have shared a preview of this on Instagram!) I’m also hoping to tackle a DIY for the glass shower door to incorporate a brass grid detail.


1. A mix of neutrals and textures

This Gallery Curator's Home is a History-Filled Work of Art | Living | Rip & Tan

2. Ceiling details

Galerie Provenance 18th c. Italian pine bench

3. Deeper & distressed wood tones

French limestone flooring from France.

4. Natural stone tile


5. Arch doorway

bathroom wall tile

6. Brass fixtures

It’s so great to finally be sharing some of the design details with you all! Even though the ORC was postponed 6 weeks, we decided to start it at the original date. With all that is going on we knew wait times for some things would be longer. I’m also expecting at the beginning of May, and starting the reno with a newborn seemed a bit crazy! We’ve been able to get a really good amount done so far, and have shared some behind the scenes over on our Instagram page. Next week I’m planning to share some progress images here as well as the concept boards for the spaces with all the products we’ve picked out!

Thank you so much for stopping by, and don’t forget to check out all of the rest of the room makeovers happening!



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