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  • Alyssa Wieske

Our Bedroom ORC – Week 2

We’ve made it to week 2 of the One Room Challenge, and I’m so excited to be sharing our design boards for the rooms with you all! (Incase you missed last weeks post, you can see all the befores, our plans for changing the layout, and the images that inspired the design here!) Whenever I’m starting to source products for a space, I always start with design boards. I find it’s the best way to see how different pieces, textures and colours will work together, and gives a feel of how the overall design will feel.

I’ve been thinking about how to redo our space for quite a while, and I really wanted it to feel collected and layered, with an over all neutral colour palette that still has a lot of depth to it. Here’s the direction we have planned for the space!


I was looking for the overall space to be light, while still having some darker pieces that would feel moody. I also wanted to mix in different wood tones and have some pieces that felt like they could be antiques. So many pieces to layer in the space, and I can hardly wait to start styling it! Also, with my due date in May, I of course had to source out a stylish bassinet to compliment the room.


In our ensuite I chose a mix of finishes that were rustic and polished, and love how the two work together to give more interest. We plan to go with a darker wood vanity, and all brass plumbing fixtures. Even though it’s a small space,  we were able to fit in so many details and textures.


Demo day is always highly anticipated. I can’t remember how many times Steve said he couldn’t wait to get started on it. Even though it always makes everything in a worse state, I love seeing the project start, and the blank slate it makes for the new design. Our kids are also always involved in this phase. They love removing baseboard and helping with clean up.

The only thing better than demo day for Steve is framing, and as you can see, I was able to snap these pictures right before he started!

It was so great opening up the closets and starting to see the area around the window more symmetrical.

In the ensuite, the ceiling was originally lower by the shower. We thought there must have been something running through it, but were so excited to see there was nothing when we opened it up. This allowed us to make a last minute decision to vault the ceiling, and make our small ensuite just a little bigger!

Next week I’m planning to share all the details about what finishes we decided on, including paint colours!

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