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  • Alyssa Wieske

Our Family Room Plans

Besides the changes we had planned in the mudroom, reworking this space to make it more functional was at the top of my list. The existing layout included a 5′ doorway from the entry which made the room feel really small and awkward to set up. It was a terrible use of the space, and I always talked about closing in the opening so we could fit a large sectional that would hold our whole family. The change was so simple, but would be so impactful!

the Befores

Here are the realtor images from when we bought the home. You can see the doorway into the foyer, and then also the built in cabinet that bumped out quite a bit. This made it hard to use all the space because you needed quite a bit of clearance for a walkway.

We had our TV hung on the large wall across from the doorway, and our couch always felt really awkward in the space.

Here’s how it ties into the rest of the home.

the Plans

Here was the existing layout.

And heres how we changed it.

To maximize the use of space, we closed in the doorway to the entry. I know most people would have taken the wall completely out, but I love being able to have a formal entry, and then a separate family room so you don’t walk into the back of a sofa. By making that one small change, we were able to fit in a 10’x10′ sectional which will hold our whole family for movie nights.

For the TV wall, we included a gas fireplace with built in shelving on either side. Because this was the same wall as the range, we had the shelves built out of drywall so it didn’t feel like a continuation of the kitchen cabinets. I love the simplicity they add to the room, and can’t wait to style them with some of the decor from Annie & Flora Market!

the Design Boards

My favourite design detail in this space is the ceiling. I was looking to add character that felt like it was original. Even though our ceilings are only 8 feet, we designed a shiplap and beam detail that is painted out white. To get the look, we used Metrie’s pre-painted shiplap to cover the ceiling, and flat stock of poplar to frame out the beams. I really love how it defines the room!



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