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  • Alyssa Wieske

Our Kids Bathroom Reveal

This summer, we’ve been working on some smaller projects around our house. We shared our Garden Shed Reveal on the blog a couple weeks ago, and today we are sharing the updates we made to our kids bathroom!


When we moved into our home 2 years ago, this was definitely the nicest room in our house. The previous owners had done some really great updates to this bathroom, which made the perfect base to work off of. Compare to the rest of the projects that we’ve tackled, I was excited that this one only needed some small changes!

Over the last year and a half, I’ve been thinking up different ideas of some small changes we could make that would give a large impact. Since this bathroom is mainly used by our kids, I wanted it to have some great details, but not feel too polished. I liked the style of the vanity, and countertop, but didn’t love the chrome accents throughout the space mixed with brushed nickel. I also wanted to replace the track lighting and mirror with pieces that had some more detail!


The starting off point for the little remodel was changing out the faucets. The ones that were installed were not great quality (you can see in the before image how they loose they were!) and were chrome which brought out a lot of blue undertones. For the new fixtures, we went with Delta’s Cassidy Widespread faucet in Polished Nickel, and I love that they bring in some old wold character with the cross handles, and have a low profile which was perfect for the kids bathroom! The finish also has much warmer undertones which works really well with the marble finishes.

We also decided to replace the vanity hardware. The existing pulls were really chunky and were a brushed nickel finish. The hole sizes really limited our options, but after hours of searching I was finally able to find new pulls in polished nickel. I’m such a fan of how delicate they are!

To make the vanity wall a feature, Steve installed some of Metrie’s Pre-Painted Shiplap. It adds just a bit more texture and depth to a mainly white space, and comes pre-painted which is a huge time saver! We also removed the track light and replaced it with two wall sconces over each sink. The milk glass shades give a bit more of that old world feel! To give some contrast we used black metal mirrors with rounded corners. I love that all the pieces have some really pretty details, but don’t feel too serious for a kids bath!

I’m still on the hunt for a vintage rug and antique artwork for the space. I love the contrast and warmth they will bring. Finding the perfect piece always takes time, but is so, so worth it! You can read more about the design over on Inspired Living!



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