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  • Alyssa Wieske

Our Master Bedroom ORC – Week 4

I know this round of the One Room challenge has been extended by two weeks, but it still feels crazy to be at the halfway point! The deadline feels SO close, and we still have a fairly large list of things to work through, and with all the restrictions in place everything is taking a little longer than normal. Steve wrote down a list this week of what we still need to tackle:


– Install marble surround and tile in shower

– Install floor tile in bathroom

– Order glass door for shower

– Install plumbing fixtures

– Install baseboard in bathroom

– Install casing in bathroom

– Install toilet

– Stain and install vanity

– Install bathroom door hardware

– Install vanity wall sconces

– Dap and paint all baseboards and casing

– Paint bathroom door

– Finish built in cabinetry in walk in closet

– Install closet rods

– Install curtain rods

Overall I feel like we are in a good spot with everything. The only concerns I have are for our walk in closet. I had planned to do a DIY for the built in storage, however I have not been able to get the boxes for the drawers. I’m really hoping that they become available over the next week as stores start to open up. If not I’m going to have to come up with a plan B. I’m also having a hard time finding hardware for the closet rods that will arrive in time. I’ve sourced so many options, however they all seem to be out of stock. So this week Steve said he would be able to make some up and we could get them painted (he used to be a welder / fabricator, and it’s come in handy more than once!) Hopefully I can share some progress photos of how they come together over the next week or so.


Last week I talked all about our building finishes, (Incase you missed it, you can read the full post here!) and this week, I wanted to fill you in on what plumbing fixtures we chose for our ensuite. Before starting the design for this space, I was pretty set on using brass fixtures. I had been pinning almost every bathroom with gold faucets over the previous months, and they were still stopping my scroll. I loved the warmth and old world feel that they added to a space. As I started to browse through hundreds of fixtures, I quickly started to narrow down which styles and finishes would help achieve the look I was after. The cabinet hardware I had chosen for the space was an unlaquered brass which will patina over time. And as much as people stress over mixing metals, I’m all for it, even when mixing different brass and gold tones! It can give so much more depth and interest in a room as long as they still compliment each other. For the fixtures, I ended up going with the Brizo Invari collection from The style of their fixtures had a classic feel to them, and the Luxe Gold finish was the perfect colour to compliment the rest of the hardware.

I went with their lower profile faucet to keep the ensuite from feeling too formal. The Invari line also offers a few different handle styles, and I love the classic feel that the cross handles give!

There were so many different options to choose from when putting together the shower package, and I love how customizable we could make it. For the shower head, I chose this really beautiful arm to pair with it.

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For the thermostat and volume control, I went with two separate controllers, and we plan to stack them on top of each other on the wall. Even though they have an option where we could get both featured in one control, I loved how this would look a bit more custom.

We were even able to get a tank lever for out toilet. It’s a small detail, but will make such a difference as opposed to using a chrome one!


Steve primed and painted the walls and ceiling. (I shared all the paint colours in last weeks posts which you can read here!) He was able to spray the ceiling which was a huge time saver!

We used Handy Products, and they are just what their name suggests! The tray and pail both come with liners which makes clean up so much quicker, and always gives you a fresh start. The magnet paint brush holder on the pail will also make it hard to go back to a Tupperware bucket!

Flora came by to check on the site, and followed all the health guidelines  😉

Steve was also able to waterproof the shower, and I think this is the first photo I’m sharing of the wall to wall shelf he built. I shared all the finishes for our shower in last weeks blog post.

Almost ready for furniture!

Thanks you for for stopping by, and remember to check out the other room makeovers happening by the other featureddesigners and guests participants!



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