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  • Alyssa Wieske

Our ORC Makeover with Karastan

It’s been just under a month since we shared the full reveal of our basement for this spring’s One Room Challenge, and since then the kids have loved playing in their new space! Previous to this renovation, we would spend as little time as possible in the basement. It always felt cold and uninviting. Since completing the space, Steve and I even love spending time down there reading books to the kids or checking out the new fort they’ve built. Installing the Karastan carpet was a game changer and has really made the space so cozy!

When I was at my local flooring retailer last fall, I came across the Savanna Scenes Antelope print and right away thought about our basement. We had been planning to install carpet and make it into a playroom for the kids since we moved in. Both Coco and Jack love animals, and the print just reminded me of their little personalities. When I showed it to them, they loved it, and their reaction when they saw it installed was so worth it!

In addition to the pattern, I also loved how great the product would be for their playroom. The Karastan Kashmere fibers make it durable, without sacrificing the soft texture. It is protected from stains with ScotchgardTM Protector Advanced Repel Technology, which is such a plus for a kid-friendly space! I love it that I don’t have to stress about them spilling chocolate milk or ruining it with dirty shoes!

To give you an idea of what we started with, this is an image of the before of our basement with tiled floors. It really was so cold all year round!

And here is the after from that same angle!

We were able to run the pattern seamlessly up our stairs which was great because they were in really rough shape!

I love how the pattern fills this nook. It makes it such a fun little space!

The carpet was by far the best change we made to make the space more usable, and the bold pattern totally steals the show! Karastan has a sale going on until June 4th, where you can get up to $1,000 back. If you are in the market for new carpet, you can read all the details here, or stop in at your local retailer!



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