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  • Alyssa Wieske

Style Your Console Table

A console table is an essential piece in your home. It’s the first thing guests will see when they walk through your door and the last space you’re going to pass by as you leave. You’ll want something beautiful yet functional, and we’re here to help. Here’s our four tips to help you style your console table.

1. Mirror or Art over Table

Our top choice for the spot over a console table is a beautiful mirror. It’s the perfect piece to make yourself presentable as you’re running out the door. However, don’t rule out a piece of artwork to change it up. This can be changed with the seasons and your other decor to add more color and visual interest to your space.

2. Varying Heights and Groups for your Decor

One of our favorite go to tips for  styling a gorgeous console table is varying heights to your decor. Having everything at the same height can make your items fall flat and it won’t look pleasing to the eye. Ways to add height to your display can be coffee table books or boxes with items layered on top.

To avoid everything looking like it’s in a line, try putting some decor in groups of 3. This will eliminate a stacked look and make it feel like it belongs.

We also like using different shapes to draw your eye to different spots on the console table.

3. Don’t Forget Function

Everything should look beautiful but it’s hard to enjoy a space when it isn’t functional. Use a dresser to store things like hats, gloves and glasses. A bowl to hold your keys makes it easy when you’re coming home and a breeze to find them back when you’re leaving. A lamp is a great way to add beauty while providing a cozy source of light.

4. Choose Unique Finishes

Our final key to a beautifully style table is making sure there is enough variation in your choices of decor. Here are some things to think about when selecting your decor:

– Use a mix of wood tones and rustic pieces – A vase or planter with greenery that can be changed with the seasons – A piece of artwork that can be layered in the back to add some color – Handmade or vintage pieces can make your space unique




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