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Top 5 – Ways to Fill a Nook

Lately I’ve been pinning just about every nook I come across on Pinterest. I can’t get enough of how much detail you can pack into such a little area, and how much of a bonus space it can be. Here are my top five ways to fill those awkward corners so they reach their full potential!


I love adding in a study nook if there is extra space in a kitchen or hallway!

Cynthia Hayes 

Fixer Upper


A reading nook is a go to! You can never go wrong with a little extra sitting space.

Bolig Magasinet

Betty Burgess Design

Atlanta Homes


If I had an empty corner in my kitchen, I would be putting in dining nook!

The Curious Bumblebee

Fixer Upper

Amber Interiors


A large enough nook in a bathroom can be the perfect spot for a stand alone tub.


House & Home


Built-ins and open shelving are the perfect way to add in more storage, and can add so much character to a space!

Fixer Upper

Amber Interiors


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