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  • Alyssa Wieske

Weekend Muse 025

There’s just over a week left of this year, and I have a post scheduled for next week with a list of design trends I’m excited to see more of in 2020. I don’t follow the trends too closely, so maybe its more just a list of whats inspiring me lately for my next design project! You can sign up for our newsletter to you don’t miss it!

We’ve added some new products to the shop, including our Ellis Bed in black! You can shop all the new arrivals here.

Here is my go to sweater / jacket for this season. I’m not a fashion blogger by any means, but it is such a great staple I figured it was worth sharing! I have it in the black, but am also considering getting it in the green because it is so cozy and makes every outfit look better!

Steve’s been really busy this week with a construction job and our online shop. Our kids started Christmas holidays this week, and I’ve been able to take a bit of time off to enjoy with them. We have some things planned with them over the break, and we started it off by making sugar cookies together. Normally I’m a bit more involved in helping, but this time I took a step back and let them roll out the dough themselves and cut out different shapes and set them on their tray to bake. It was so worth it to watch their excitement. If your looking for an activity to do with your kids this Christmas, I would definitely recommend!

Here’s a bit of what inspired me this week!




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