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  • Alyssa Wieske

Oakville Residence

This residence was a new build in Oakville that we had the pleasure of working with the homeowners on. They were looking for the design to feel more modern than our typical projects. We loved the challenge of rethinking the details to be more minimal with a focus on craftsmanship and timelessness.

The kitchen was designed with inset cabinetry and slab door fronts in a mix of painted and wood finishes. I love the warmth and interest this adds to the room. For the hardware we used a combination of oil bronze knobs and built in pulls which created a beautiful line in the millwork.

The countertops run seamlessly into the backsplash that extends to the ceiling, and has a really beautiful stone pattern. The focal point of the kitchen is the custom metal venthood which features soft curved edges and a patina finish. I love that we were able to go with a finish that wasn't stark black. It gives so much more depth.

The addition of drapery is always essential in softening a room and adding another texture and layer. I love including it in every space especially a kitchen which mainly consists of hard finishes.

In the living space, we repeated the soft curves from the venthood on the custom concrete mantle. The rest of the living room is a combination of textures and finishes which gives it a warm and inviting feel despite how high the ceilings are!

In the ensuite, we repeated the mix of stone and wood finishes. The oversized floor tile mimics the look of concrete, and is contrasted with the White Oak shiplap ceiling and beams. I'm excited whenever we get the chance to incorporate a ceiling detail. It gives another layer to the room.

We continued the floor tile into the shower and used a marble porcelain on the curb and bench. Mixed with the variation in the wall tile and the grid on the shower door, this just might be my favourite bathroom we've finished to date!

Photography by Cameron St.



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