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  • Alyssa Wieske

Our Foyer Update

We started the renovation of our main floor this January, and as is expected right now, we’ve had some delays. However, even though we are still not quite done ALL the details, I took some time to style our foyer when our new mirror arrived.

After I finalized what console cabinet we would go with (all for the extra shoe storage!), I was on the hunt for pieces that would add some texture and warmth against the black metal. I always love to include a mirror in an entry, and was hoping to find one that would soften the space. Typically I’m all for thin metal framed mirrors. however, I knew in this case it would not give the organic look I was hoping to achieve. I also looked into finding a wood framed mirror. Although I loved the warmth of the colour, the frame always felt a bit too rigid. When I finally came across the Cayman mirror by Serena & Lilly I was sold. The medium wood tone was what first caught my eye, and once I took a closer look at the rattan caning I knew it would check all the boxes. When it arrived, it was even better than I had hoped. The mirror itself is beautifully made and really great quality. It hangs on the wall with two screws which keeps it from sitting crooked. Having a house with little kids who always bump into things, this was so nice. I love that I don’t ever have to worry about straightening it on the wall when I walk into the room! The woven texture gives so much depth to the room, and I love how the shadows create an organic pattern. It helped achieve the collected look I was going for, while still giving a casual feel. I layered in a few different wood tones, as well as some textured pottery. It’s my favourite way to keep everything neutral while not feeling flat.

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Even though we still need to finish parts of our renovation, I’m so glad I didn’t wait to style this space. It took a bit to convince Steve it was a good time to hang the mirror (haha!) but was just the motivation I needed to make the space feel a bit more finished. Its made all the difference having a functional space as the last room we walk through when we leave, and a place to greet us when we get back home.



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