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  • Alyssa Wieske

Room Edit No. 1 – A Master Bedroom Reveal

Install days are one of our favourite work days. As high stress as they are it’s so rewarding to see a room that has been planned out for months become a finished space. We’ve recently launched a new IGTV series called Room Edit. It’s where we transform one room in just one day, and share the before, during and afters with you all. (We are looking for applications for our next video, so if you are interested and live in southern Ontario, you can send an email to [email protected]. For the first few, we will be offering FREE design services AND installation and discounts on ALL products purchased through our shop!)

Ok back to this room. We did our first makeover on my parents bedroom, and I love seeing how much you can change a space with just furnishings. They had been talking about redoing this room for a few years now, and finally went for it.

Here is how the space looked when we started the design:

Not too much in the room had been updated over the past 10 years. The silk curtains always felt a bit bulky in the space, and they were ready to change out the furniture with pieces that would make the room feel more open. Here’s some of the other items on their wishlist:

– Keep the wool rug

– Upholstered headboard

– Wall sconces instead of table lights

After getting the proposed design approved, we were able to purchase and store the items until the room was ready. Prior to the install we had the existing window treatments removed, the walls patched and painted, and the new sconces wired in which already had made a big difference! And here’s how the furnished space turned out:

**Just a note we are waiting on the new pendant light, and will update the photos once it is installed!

We layered a rug over their existing wool rug to add some pattern and colour into the room. It is a flat weave looks like a vintage piece! We also added a bench at the end of the bed which helps fill the room, and added another wood tone.

Instead of curtain panels on either side of the bed, we went with roman shades, which makes the nightside tables feel a lot less cluttered. We had the window treatments custom made in a beige wool.

We layered a quilt under the duvet cover on the bed, and a black and cream knit throw blanket over, because you can never have too many layers.

The wall sconces over the bed are the only bit of brass in the space, and the oversized wall art adds a bit of warmth to the room which I love.

Walking into the space feels like a completely different room, and I love how much they noticed all the detail that went into the new design.




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